Google Duplex | What is Google Duplex and How to use it?

    Google duplex is a new project from Google-AI with team lead Yaniv Leviathan. At the beginning of May 2018 google launched this service. It’s basically Google virtual assistant that can help you in your business or at your home.

    For example, if you want to book a doctor, you don’t need to keep in mind that you have to call your Doctor at 8:00 Pm or 6:00 PM. You can set your time slot and this software will call your doctor on your behalf and book your appointment.

    It currently lives in more than 48 states of the US. it allows you to make a room reservation in a restaurant or a meal reservation. If you want to book your online air tickets it can also help you through its virtual assistant. it’s just an AI-based software agent with the same voice as a human voice.

    How to use it?

    • Pick up your phone, and activate your Google Assistant by pressing the home key or by saying” Ok Google”.
    • Now ask your Google Assistant to look for a lunch reservation that should trigger the duplex service because not just triggering the Google Assistant will reserve your meals.
    • Once you are connected to the duplex service. It should give you a list of nearby restaurants or hotels that are servicing duplex voice.
    • The Google duplex service once it is done it will ask for your menu and confirm the order which thing you want to eat.
    • Once confirmed, Google AI-based duplex systems order it. By calling the restaurant and reserve your meals to enjoy.

    Google Duplex as a Phone app and Web Portal

    Limited to use as web-based in the US at the beginning of 2019. But now you can use these web-based services from anywhere in the US. You can use this web-based service either for a taxi reservation or for online movie ticket buying.

    In 2021 you can use this web-based duplex service from anywhere in the US very easily. There are a lot of online companies that are offering these AI-based virtual assistant services to buy.

    Services of Google AI-Based Duplex

    • Doctor/Emergency calling systems
    • Call Centre Deployment
    • Air ticket Reservations
    • Lunch, Breakfast, or Dinner hotel reservations
    • Laundry or barber reservations
    • Cinema ticket buying online

    Limitations – About Google AI-Based Duplex?

    Where there is a human being the possibility of error exists. But when we use machines the probability decreases by 70%-80% so when you are using the Google duplex services there may exist limitations but commands from users should be accurate to the software so that it can operate naturally.

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