What is Artificial Intelligence | Ultimate Guide

    What is artificial intelligence? a common question in this age of Technology. Intelligence means the ability to comprehend things in-depth and clearer. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can now run huge organizations through software and use computer hardware to do things better than involving human power.

    We have autonomous cars, robots, automatic machinery, etc. Still unsure about this question, what is artificial intelligence? For instance, automatic production plants are installed in different organizations to automate production and maximize revenue by minimizing human error and labor costs.

    How does AI transform our lives?

    As technology is increasing and it brings us leisure in our life How? because using a single application we can reserve airline tickets and food deliveries at home.

    We can get stock exchange predictions to accelerate our business instead of a lot of experience. We can buy autonomous cars and can keep a robot for cleaning our homes.

    For five-star or six-star restaurants to maintain their food quality, they can buy robotic cooks/Chefs. They can help to produce quality food for their customers and maintain their (brand) presence for their delicious food recipes.

    I hope now you are able to understand what artificial intelligence is. So, this is all about how artificial intelligence affects our daily life.

    Tools to build Artificial Intelligence App:

    Eagerness to Learn How-to code simply helps you to build a simple AI-based application. For example, an automatic chess game-playing system or a bot.

    With the help of different computer programming languages, we can program artificial intelligence-based applications.

    Majorly used Python (a Scripting Programming language) and helps to build AI applications easily using built-in libraries we can use different frameworks/Platforms like TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, Theano, Keras, Caffe, MxNet, PyTorch, Google ML Kit, AWS, etc.

    Emerging Artificial Intelligence Applications

    • Smart City Project
    • Smart Health System | Automatic Machinery
    • Traffic Management on Roads and Suspicious Activity Detection
    • Detect Objects and Biometrics
    • Facial Expression Recognition
    • Robotics(a lot of applications themselves)
    • Virtual Agents
    • AI in Autonomous vehicles
    • Natural Language Generation
    • Expert Systems
    Expert Systems

    Simple but major applications are discussed above.

    Facial Expression Recognition System

    The facial expression recognition system is an application of a convolutional neural network. it helps to detect the facial expression of a person. Either a person is Sad, Happy, aggressive, or normal.

    So in this application of artificial intelligence, we will provide an image to our AI-based system. The system will tell us whether this picture with a person has facial expressions Sad, Happy, aggressive, or normal.

    This is all about facial expression recognition software and you can easily design a simple one by using python build-in libraries or using TensorFlow.

    Expert System

    An expert system is itself software or an AI-based program that controls other software on that system. The expert system informs host system performance whether this system is working properly or not.

    For example, our country’s National Security System keeps track of every person in the country using the internet and sends its data to the world.

    This system is itself an expert system that keeps track of the traffic and informs the respective government about their residents and their interest.

    So, a group of employees can’t judge the whole country’s data, right? Here we install expert systems. Hope now you are able to understand the worth of artificial intelligence.

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