Syed Babar Ali: Pakistan’s Famous Entrepreneur All the Times

    Syed Babar Ali (Packages Group’s and LUMSU Owner) was born in Lahore during the British Raj in 1926. He was born into a rich business family which helps him a lot to establish his personality. Babar Ali served as Pakistan’s Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs & Planning in 1993.

    An effective personality and opportunity entrepreneur of Pakistan and was the first person who brought Food (Dairy) business to Pakistan. Syed Baber Ali envisioned and established Packages Limited in Pakistan and was the creator of Milk Pack Limited Asia’s Largest Milk company in Pakistan then he developed Business renowned university LUMS in Lahore in 1986.

    The vision

    The major vision was to grow Pakistan’s economy and fill loopholes in different fields like in Food, Embroidery Industry, Shopping Malls, Chemical Industry, and more. He Introduced many famous brands in Pakistan. His major idea to get success is to avail opportunities and invest. Starting from a small business of milk in the Lahore city area becomes the owner of the giant food company Milk-Pack.

    • Packages Limited
    • Nestle (Milkpack)
    • Coca-Cola Pakistan
    • LUMS University
    • Hoechst (German Chemical Giant)


    Entrepreneurial characteristics Syed Baber Ali has been to look for gaps to be filled. His approach for building a company and raise it through hard work and then selling it in the market.

    • Avail and Create an opportunity
    • Long-term business strategy
    • Location-oriented and Focusing Social Classes
    • Understand What You Offer and Take Risk
    syed babar ali pakistani entrepreneur
    Syed Babar Ali: The exceptional entrepreneur

    Syed Babar Ali’s Biography


    He was the founder of the famous Milk Product, Now offered by Nestle named Milk pack. In the 19s he was a shared holder of 40% and Nestle with 40% and 20% for the public. His initiative started with a little investment raising up to Rs. 380 Million. Now, he is a shareholder of about 30% his idea was:

    • Avail of this (Milk Supply) Opportunity
    • Long-term Business to supply
    • Focusing Upper Class Starting from Gulberg Lahore
    I was working on IND-US Project on industrialization with British Englishmen as a team leads. During this abroad a renowned Industrialist thinks out of the box, he discusses this idea to preserve milk and providing quality to the poor who do not get quality. So, I took his idea and implemented it in Pakistan starting from Gulberg Lahore by delivering at the doorstep. The revenue was going on increasing day by day. Then Nestle approached me and with 40% we decided and went on increasing.


    During working on LUMSU, Nestle, and Packages Group in 1995 there were 10 famous bottlers in Pakistan. Coca-Cola contacted and offered him a partnership he avails this opportunity and gets a 40% share in the market by purchasing the competitors and introducing a different taste in Pakistan.

    • Bring unique taste (Creativity)
    • Decided teste and target audience
    • With Business Plan

    Packages Company

    Packages Limited was founded in 1956 as a joint venture between the Wazir Ali Group and Swedish companies Akerlund and Rausing of which 73 percent of shares were owned by the Wazir Ali Group. The company is owned by Syed Babar Ali. It’s the flagship company of the Syed Babar Ali Group of Companies. Estimated Worth Rs. 1.8 Billon.

    • Paper Industry in Pakistan
    • Focusing on Consumer Behavior (i.e. Rose Petal)
    • Target Specific Audience

    LUMS University

    In 1986 moving toward Pakistan he decided to build a high-quality educational institute for management studies and Finance/Accounting he developed this university in Lahore named Lahore University of Management Sciences University(LUMSU).

    • Not Quality Institute of Management
    • People were greedy about Education (Learn Business)
    • Opportunity to Educate

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